Frustration Alley

I just want to get the sound on Maelstrom running properly.  This thing is starting to make my brain ache.

The sound in Maelstrom is controlled via the SDL.  I posted some questions on the ubuntuforums and haven’t gotten any solutions yet. 🙁    I got Anjuta to load up the project and I think I isolated the code that controls the sound.  Unfortunately, its a little bit beyond me at this point.  I just need to keep hammering away.  Sound other than for my games is more of distraction to me rather than a primary interest.  Hopefully I’ll have an aha moment. And it will all come together.  It sort of irks me that I’ve been 3 hours of premium Sunday morning quiet time on this.

One to some other topics that don’t really give me brain cramps, I been really intrigued by the data-structures of the wordpress blog.  I’ve been looking at the mysql data-structure for the “settings” and been meaning to look at the php script that interacts with it.  I’m dealing with some applications at work, where this sort of thing might be useful.

Oh…. so much for the quite time… the dogs are barking, the five year old is up and heading this way….

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