Getting back in business working my way to calibrating my reprap.

Back from vacation…   So..  I wound up sending my ramps 1.4 back to Ultimachine and they fixed my problem.   They fixed it for me no-cost..   I’m suspecting it was part of my own stupidity that led to this failure,  so I made it a point to order some parts I needed to get this thing going again.    I needed some Kapton tape and they didn’t have that but some other stuff in stock.  So I got that instead.   Ultimachine has taken care of me, and I appreciate that…

When I put things back to together, I couldn’t get the extruder to heat up.   I tracked it down to a broken thermistor wire.   Luckily I got 2 qu-bd extruders in the kickstarter so I have a backup thermistor on hand.    I was impatient so I didn’t Jb-weld then thermistor to the block.   I did wrap it up real good though with the tape I just bought.

Before I went on vacation, I expanded my laptop to 4-gig from Fry’s.  I was doing some stuff in free-cad and the weirdess thing happened in freecad.    I wound up using the constraint solver and I adherently created a difficult to solve constraint.    My laptop basically crashed.   I thought linux didn’t do that sort of thing.  This is new behavior for my laptop..
The reason I bring this up, is that I was trying to print  this

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