Getting Back in the Groove.. Working through the freecad tutorial.

I’ve been exceeding busy the last couple of months and I finally had a little bit of time to squeeze in a couple of fun projects.  A while I started playing around the sketcher and I found that is was missing some functionality that I really liked in heekscad.  I took up the cause and six months later it got implemented.   Mr Logari81 refactored the living bejeebers out of the code, that I don’t know anything I wrote still exists.  But he did improve it and its done.  I must say it is a pretty cool feature now.

So I’m back to learning the basics of Freecad.  I pulled the master trunk over and merge to my code base and I was amazed how much progress has been made.  This software just keeps getting better and better.

I found it really helpful to just get a book and work through the tutorials to figure out how some software.   So I bought the this free-cad book from packt:

So I just got done with the first section and here is my handwork:
One of the things I had issues with was with the fillets.  I didn’t realize that if I pressed  ctrl and hold it down and move the mouse cursor over and objects, it highlights the objects.  When you left click the mouse it locks down that object.

When you select fillet the object is automatically selected.

Another fun feature that I stumbled on is rotating the view.  If you press and hold the left mouse button down and move the mouse, you will rotated the object.   If you let go of the mouse button during the move the object continuous to rotate.

When it do this screeen shot the right view was rotating, which is pretty cool.

My plan is to work through the tutorial and work on my two front burner projects.   I have an old sherline cnc mill that I’m improving and also I got my kickstarter extruders heads. I’m planning on making a repstrap from a radial arm saw which should be fun.  I’m thinking it will be good practise to get this done in freecad.






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