Getting myself hung up on C++ classes

I’ve been going through the Bruce Ekels Thinking in C++ as well as working through the QT tutorial…
I’m sort between… 7 – One Thing Leads to Another and 8 – Preparing for Battle

I suppose this all makes sense when you understand it….  I’ve actually reread early portions of Thinking in C++ and it’s make more sense than the first time… So I’m know in is getting imprinted on the synapses…. I think I need to tune into a few other sources on C++ classes and see if there’s something more on my wave length…
This looks interesting..

There is a recommened bucks in ascending skill set order that looks very interesting to me…

I need to go over this with a morning cup of Java.
Ok… I really do need to get to sleep but… I was hoping to find a video tutorial… I wound up jumping around a bit and I think is found pay dirt….

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