Gettting the cam itch again

Oh my this what I get when I let my GTD fall apart. Too many irons in the fire and none getting hot. I have my cnc sherline project thats starting bubble up, but there’s also a functioning shapeoko that I have access to, that I want to play around with.
I hoping that will give me inspirations some to get the cnc juices flowing.
Sooo.. I wanted to find some cam software to generate g-code.

Well I was chit chatting with Dan Falk about some of the stuff he’s done lately in Freecad Cam and other things….
He gave me a bunch of links of some of his code snippets among other things… So I thought I thought I’d just apost up them when I get to the point where I can reference them.  I’m told that these are not ready for prime time… but I think there’s probably some cool stuff in there. This post should be neater, but I am some what I’m time constrained with a bunch of irons.

Well see what he sent me:
Contains Ok… not sure what that does, but It looks like it parses groups 😉
Look like this parsing solids for holes.
profile: profile milling function
drillholes: a drilling function
helical_hole: helical hole cutting
Ok.. bunch of classes and stuff… this looks like a biggy. examples for the outer edges of a solid to do profiling on the outside

David Nicolls has been hard at work on the CAM workbench

lots of links here

Older version of heekscad/heekscnc

Ok… For the moment my main goal is to generate some g-code and cut some chips on the shapeoko…   Soo… I went to here and found a download script to get heeks cat running.

Hopefully I can generate some joy with heeks for the shapeoko and then see where things are at with freecad cam…


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