Giving Doxygen a test whirl with audacity / Heekscad

I wanted to see what this Doxygen tool does.  I’ve come to the conclusion that audacity is a project is a exceeding complex project that appears at first glance to have it’s game on.  Time to kick the tires, look under the hood and take her for a spin.

I downloaded doxygen and doxygen-gui from the synaptic repository.   Since I have a preference for gui’s I ran doxywizard.

Step 1) Specify working directory from which doxygen will run.


Step 2) Configure doxygen using the wizard..

(Make sure you check recursive for the source code..  This is where things went wrong on the first attempt.)

I ran across this beginners tutorial on doxygen.

What a nice little site.

Ok… I just got done running doxygen on audacity.

It took a while but the result was impressive.
Ok.. Time to give it a whirl on heekscad and see what happens. (Back to bed and hopefully I have a few moments before I go work to check out the result)

Just a note to self.  I didn’t use the dot tool on audacity.  I did on heeks (probably a mistake) Needed to install graphviz and restart doxygen.
Need to try the dot tool on audacity and see what looks different.

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