Gtd and the next step

It seems like Gtd has felll into my life just at the right time. I was reading a book called “Dreaming in Code” which talked about it.  I’ve had a bunch of project related activities assigned to be at work and I’ve had a real need to get things straightened out and prioritized at home.

A few years back, I had made a todo list’s and religiously followed them for a couple months. Yes, I did get things accomplished but basically I got myself so stressed and frustrated by the things not done I stopped.

I remember reading someone about that in his book.  As I recall one of his points was that when your’re creating a “todo”, you need consider three things.

  • What is it that your trying to accomplish?
  • What constitutes being done with the project?
  • What is the next step?

While these steps are pretty obvious, his contention is that when most people write down items on a todo without considering those three points.

Anyway wasn’t my intent to write about that today, what I wanted to do, was to rationalize my project coding that I’m using for D3.
Suppose, I need to save that for another day.

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