Having fun on staycation

Ok… It’s been a busy last few months.. but at last I have some free time ..  I just got done with taking an advanced C# class (The beginner class got cancelled)and I got my final project and submitted.  Time to have some funtime

I spent the yesterday evening  unwinding by scraping the bottom face of the arm flat on my radial arm saw reprap project….  I finally got it flat and it seems like I have .005 error in pitch and about .015 yaw in relation to the tracks.  My original intention to scrapping was that I needed a flat surface to mount a plate so I could put a pully system.   But… since now I have a flat surface (assuming I can get the surface parallel to the track), I’m think that instead of mounting a pulley system, why not go with a rack and pinion.  This is very tempting since, I need will need to run power and plastic to the extruder head, what the big deal running another power line.    Oth… the rack and pinion setup is probably going to some more expensive….
I suppose I should see if I can get get the bottom face of the radial arm scrapped parallel to the tracks.  If I can, I’ll go with a rack.. If not I’ll go with pulley system.  (I’m tempted to make a gear rack in my metal shaper… If I did that, it sure would be nice to have a automated, down feed… Ugg… yet another project.  (Still .. It would be easy to make a down feed with an Arduino).

Anyway…The wife would like be to write an low power app for her N8 for christmas…  So.. I thought why not blog about it.. Great… my wordpress is out of date, and it’s complaining that I don’t  have Firefox8 running on Ubuntu 10.04…

Firefox8… Ok… Lets see on the wonderful of google has to say about that..

I found a nice set of instructions here:

I think it would have been easier  to do everything thing from a terminal session instead of the alt-f2 thing, but I guess he was trying to do things within a Gui..
I was reading through the comments bgate made a comment: “This is why linux will never take over microsoft. This is WAY too hard.”
Hmm..  It really wasn’t that hard, but It did get me thinking that, I woudn’t mind a gui tool to manage my ppa’s a bit better……

A little more googling an here’s what I came up with..


One of the comments made a comment the there is a tool in 10.04 using System=>Software Source..  but it seems sort of lame…
What the heck.. It give this a try…





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