In need of a macro for my Sherline Ball Screw retrofit project Step 1 Finished off) Capture the Target Document.

Starting on Step2Ok… I think I’m starting to make some hay here.  Step one capturing the target point is almost done.

Getting back at what I’m trying to do here.   Basically I have a  new  saddle saddle for the Sherline that I want to modle such that it’s in the correct orientation when I export my saddle and ballscrew to step and re-import them for my assembly.  At this point I need a point on the centerline of the x-axis bore/counter bore and then use those coordinates in a different document sketch.

In my particular situation  I need a point that is normally only visible from the sketcher.   As discussed previously there is a bug in the sketcher with selection indexing.  For the moment, I drew  a line concentric to the center, whose end point is visible  outside of sketcher and gave me the coordinates

Ok.. I think this next step should be easy.   I need to create a new document with this document visible and then the selected it and click the button on my widget to trap the target name.

Yep… Pretty easy..  and here’s a quick shot of the code in eric4.   Ok.. Now that’s enough for coding.   I need to change a burnt light head light in my car..


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