Isolation of the “AbsoluteAngleConstraint” bug.

I had some meetings after work tonight and need to get to bed.

Jon Pry was kind enough to take a look at what was going on this little bug of mind that has been causing me pain.
Apparently, it has something to do with MergeCommonObjects is causing some of the issues:

I think He said that if I “//” out the following lines (919-922 in HeeksCAD.cpp) the problems goes away:

// where operations are pointing to the same sketch, for example, make sure that they are not duplicated sketches
for (std::list::iterator itObject = objects.begin(); itObject != objects.end(); itObject++)
*itObject = MergeCommonObjects( unique_set, *itObject );

Ok… I’m game… Lets see what happens.
I just drew a cube. set vertical and horizontal constraints and it worked…. Hot darn… Back to the project for my wife…. and see if I can bust this software..

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