Jump starting Gtd again.

A couple of years back I was very heavily into GTD and was using it well.   I feel that it did have a positive impact on my life as far a getting organized, accomplishing things and doing it in a more or less stress free way.

Unfortunately my system at this point has collapsed.   I was using Tom Octvus tiddly wiki based D3 solution (which I really like).   It wasn’t a collapse as in Meteor strikes the earth all the dinosaurs die event, but more of the fall of the Roman Empire sort of deal.

So.. I’m getting a point in my life where I need to reboot my GTD.   I have new challenges in my worklife as well as ongoing and increasing elder care issues.  My stress levels seem to be increasng  and my bandwidth for fun stuff shrinking..  There are just way too many things I’m keeping in my head that need to come out.  On another note,  I had a line for getting some bee’s for  this season, but with the stuff that’s going one with everything this year,  I think I’m going to mothball that hobby for this year.. ;(  Something needs to give and at this point it’s that.  (Although  who knows with the equipment in the back yard and garage, perhaps I’ll pick up another swarm like I did a few years back)

My kid was up late yesterday, coughing up a storm for most of the night so we called off and I’m having a rare moment of inside the eye of the hurricane quiet that I can see where I’m at and where I want to go.

Reflecting on why my GTD thing collapsed…  Part of the issues was that with Tiddly wiki and the amount of stuff that I had loaded into it was pretty slow..   Another big problem I was having was GTD methodogy was the weekly review.   In hind site, I think that was my single biggest issue that I had I think.   Additionally it seems that I’ve been spending alot of time on my nexus 7 pad instead of my laptop.   There was no way to use D3 on that. It seemed that my office had gone into disarray.

Although in the last statement, there is a ironic twist.   My daughter who enjoys minecraft and cube world was frustrated over the lag that she was experiencing on her old laptop.   I had found Dell T8400 workstations on craigslist for a very reasonable price and I got her one..   They where so nice that I wound up getting one for myself as well.  This caused me to get my office cleaned out and organized for the new unit… And I find I haven’t fired up the pad really in a couple of weeks.  My mancave office is actually feeling quite nice (thank you very much)  I have dual quad core workstation driving it all and dual monitors…  Hopefully I can keep it from getting full of crap.   Now If I can get the workshop and garage under control, now we’re talking.

Anyway… back to the Gtd thing.. After consultation with some of my hackerspace associates I got the recommendation to take a look at Toodledo and Evernote

I seems that evernote is a good place to store stuff, and I think I can make Toodledo behave more D3 Gtd ish  I ran across this blog posting that seems worth looking at. http://30daysnewlife.blogspot.com/p/aprils-30-day-project-using-toodledocom.html

Hopefully there will be more posts as the re-boot progresses.








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