Making Hay…

I finally got my printer working nicely..  I’ve been using a heavily modified qu-bd extruder.I hobbed my own gear wheel and did the modification where a bearing presses against the filament which presses against the gearwheel.  The problem that I’d been experiencing is that the PLA kept jamming.
It was really maddening.  I basically would have to watch the printer through a run waiting for it to jam..   I actually bought a J-head and was going to replace it with a ez-struder.    I did a little googling and I ran across this little fix.
Wow I went from having 4 jams in a short print to having no jams in 20 Plus hours… It’s totally amazing.   Any here’s some pictures of what I’ve been up to.

RockBot FanKnob SpoolSupport SpoolBearingAdapters PirateShip Yoda YodaInProgress

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