Menu Launch for the heekscad constraint validator

I think I have it in my minds eye how I want to build this heekscad constraint tester.
Ultimately, I want to move this thing in the code like a probe on a mutlimeter to figure out where things are going are going south.  To start out  I want to create something on the menu bar. I think I’m going to call it   “Constraint Tester” as I think Alt-C is available

So I think if I search for “Set Origin” I should be able to find what I need to plug into.

Ok… Just need to keep track of a few things here.


// Window Menu
m_menuWindow = new wxMenu;
AddMenuItem(m_menuWindow, _(“Objects”), wxBitmap(), OnViewObjects, OnUpdateViewObjects, NULL, true);
AddMenuItem(m_menuWindow, _(“Log”), wxBitmap(), OnLog);
AddMenuItem(m_menuWindow, _(“Options”), wxBitmap(), OnViewOptions, OnUpdateViewOptions, NULL, true);
AddMenuItem(m_menuWindow, _(“Input”), wxBitmap(), OnViewInput, OnUpdateViewInput, NULL, true);
AddMenuItem(m_menuWindow, _(“Properties”), wxBitmap(), OnViewProperties, OnUpdateViewProperties, NULL, true);
AddMenuItem(m_menuWindow, _(“Tool Bar”), wxBitmap(), OnViewToolBar, OnUpdateViewToolBar, NULL, true);
AddMenuItem(m_menuWindow, _(“Solids Tool Bar”), wxBitmap(), OnViewSolidBar, OnUpdateViewSolidBar, NULL, true);
AddMenuItem(m_menuWindow, _(“Geometry Tool Bar”), wxBitmap(), OnViewGeometryBar, OnUpdateViewGeometryBar, NULL, true);
AddMenuItem(m_menuWindow, _(“Viewing Tool Bar”), wxBitmap(), OnViewViewingBar, OnUpdateViewViewingBar, NULL, true);
AddMenuItem(m_menuWindow, _(“Status Bar”), wxBitmap(), OnViewStatusBar, OnUpdateViewStatusBar, NULL, true);

wxMenu * m_menuConstraintTester = new wxMenu;
AddMenuItem(m_menuConstraintTester, _(“Validate Constraints”), wxBitmap(), OnTestConstraint);


// Add them to the main menu
m_menuBar = new wxMenuBar;
m_menuBar->Append( file_menu, _( “&File” ) );
m_menuBar->Append( edit_menu, _( “&Edit” ) );
m_menuBar->Append( view_menu, _( “&View” ) );
m_menuBar->Append( geometry_menu, _( “&Geometry” ) );
m_menuBar->Append( solids_menu, _( “&Solid” ) );
m_menuBar->Append( coordinate_menu, _( “&Set Origin” ) );
m_menuBar->Append( transform_menu, _( “&Transform” ) );
m_menuBar->Append( m_menuWindow, _( “&Window” ) );


m_menuBar->Append( m_menuConstraintTester, _( “&Constraint Tester” ) );

I thought I was going to need something here but turns out I didn’t

bool TestForValidConstraints();


void HeeksCADapp::RegisterOnBuildTexture(void(*callbackfunc)())

bool HeeksCADapp::TestForValidConstraints();
wxMessageBox(_(“Hello World”));


static void OnMoveScaleButton( wxCommandEvent& event )

static void OnTestConstraint( wxCommandEvent& event )

Nothing worthy of committed yet. But I think I have a place to write some code.

I think my next step is to research HeeksCADapp::SaveFile a bit. I’m tired… Sorry world about the typo’s

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