Messing around with heekscad

Ok… Life has been really busy for me lately and I really haven’t had a lot of time for fun projects.

Anyway… This heeks cad stuff is really intriguing to me. I have most of the OCC components installed so in theory this should be no biggie…
I found download instructions here.

Couple of issues with the instructions: You can download RapidSVN very easily from the synaptic package manager.
Also,  you need to have the folder created where you want to downloaded, otherwise RapidSVN terminates.

Follow the instructions and the darn thing works…… Now I just have to figure out how the package works….  All I have to say is wow.   If you’ve seen by my blog posts…. most of the stuff I try is usually not easy… It’s nice to have things go nicely for a change.

Googling for a tutorial…. No luck on the first get go…. But darn this looks interesting:

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