More Gtd stuff. Work Home.. D3 vs Mgtd

Ok… So I’ve been doing this GTD for a about a month or so and I guess I’m waste deep into it so far.

At work, I’ve been keeping up with keeping email inbox and outbox clean as well as my real inbox.  I feel that this is really helping.   I still need to go through my files and do some labeling, archiving etc…  On the digital side,  my @actions required folder got a bit overloaded this week because of some must do projects, but hopefully I’ll get that cleared out next week.  One thing that I’m not entirely satisfied with at the moment is my waiting for list.  At first, I through everything in one virtual sub folder, but that seemed like it was a bit overwhelming and hard to keep track of.  I later setup sub-folders by name of what I was waiting for response on, but it seems like I’m not getting these cleared out.  I could use some improvement in this area.  Hmmm… I new project to go on the list 😉 Next step do a little Internet research.

On the home side, aside from knocking off the next actions.  I have some home improvement/maintenance projects that once complete will really make me feel like I’ve succeeded (at least I’ll get less grief from da wife).  I splurged a little bit on myself and got a Dymo Letratag label maker.  I shopped a few places and found target to have the best price at around 19.99 or so..  It seems that for whatever reason my home office is totally out of control.  The inbox is loaded up with who knows what.  So…. Once I tame that beast I know that I’ve really arrived.

So far I think, I’ve loaded up about 102 projects or so.  One of the things that I’ve not been happy with in D3 is that when I scroll down the list when I’m doing my weekly project review and what to edit the tiddler, I tend to loose track  of where I was at and I seem to fall out of the zone.   I like the look and feel of D3 but at this point, this is really starting to be an irritent.  It seems I like to organize things into projects and sub-projects and I get the impression that MGTD is a little stronger with that… I found some discussion on how to port from D3 to Mgtd.

Now that I have a little data to play width it would be interesting to test out mgtd.

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