More on Installing Java 6 on Ubuntu

Allright…. got a few minutes before bed…

I really like the instructions on this link:

But…. either the sight is down your I need Java 6 installed on this page to view the page on how to install Java 6…. Hmmm… I guess I got time to fire up the XP machine and flip the switch on the KVM test with explorer and firebox… I guess the sight must be down.. Good thing I have hard copy.
I’m paraphrasing Steve Loughran’s post here:
Open office which comes with Ubuntu out of the box need gcj the gnu classpath JVM. This guy’s approach is to do a Java brain transplant…. Out with the GNU Java and in with SUN… His recommendation is you can do this via synaptic simultaneously without fighting the system…
No other instructions seem to have worked painlessly so far so lets try these:
Fire up Synaptic and search for the term java.

(Ah heck…… I still have a flag on sun-java6 flag for uninstall. When I apply it. I get this message:
“E: sun-java6-bin: Package is in a very bad inconsistent state – you should”
I should what?? When I googled this the hits seem to indicate that I should install than uninstall this package… Allright lets give that a try… It seems like mark for upgrade is only option.. Hey… a gui liscense box that actually works. Ok… lets try uninstall and remove completely including config files…. (whats the worst thing that can happen) … I guess I should save this eh?? It seems like I’m back to the beginning now..
At this point, I’m going to do a windows thing and shut everything down and reboot…
refire synaptic.
Flag for installation:
sun-java6-jdk (This automatically flags the bin and JRE)
(This is probably above beyond whats required for OCC)
scroll up Flag for removal
gcj-4.2base (instructions where old they said 4.1)
Synaptic also says it will remove:
I hope this guy knows what he’s doing … here goes.
I wanted to past the result the synaptic package managers details but control-V doesn’t seem to work. It appears that all is well. Hmmm. The things that weird here is it didn’t pop up a license agreement.
Looks like I have a few more things to do according to the article…
Time for bed…

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