More on the GNU make tutorial

This is my latest research,
Multi-file projects and the GNU Make utility which is a article written by George Foot for the on-line[?] magazine c-scene.  It seems like this magazine went dead circa 1997 but seems to have had a bunch of interesting content in it…
Anyway… I’ve had outside projects I need to get done so not much time for this stuff today.
I’m going to try to look at this at lunch tomorrow.  So…. here is  table of contents for this article. (I got up to about  2.3.)

0) Introduction
1) Multi-file projects
1.1 Why use them?
1.2 When to split up your projects
1.3 How to split up projects
1.4 Notes on common errors
1.5 Rebuilding a multi-file project
2) The GNU Make utility
2.1 Basic makefile structure
2.2 Writing make rules
2.3 Makefile variables
2.4 Implicit rules
2.5 Phony targets
2.6 Functions
2.7 A pretty effective makefile
2.8 A more effective makefile
3 In conclusion

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