More on the QB-DB extruder mods.

Ok.. So I was reading about all the issues people where having with there qu-bd extruders and how they where addressing them.  One issue was roughness in the bore.
I got some lapping compound and I used that  and a round nylon brush to get that all straightened out.   I found a set of very nice nylon cleaning brushes at American Science and Surplus that did the trick for about 3 bucks.    I startedt using the next to smallest brush brush to lap the bore.  Initially when I stroked through the bore it was quite rought and I couldn’t fit the next size up at all.     I stroked it 400-500 times with the small brush with the tube immersed in lapping compound and then I repeated again with the next size brush up.   Thinking about it I wonder if I wore the brushes down or I actually did something.   Hmmm. I have two extruders and…….on the unlapped bore, if I insert the intial brush it goes in some what easier but it’s as if you can feel the burrs inside the bore..  So I feel fairly convinced that my lapping efforts have accomplished something.

I wound up reassembling and I’m at a point where I need to do the wiring   I found the specs for  the motor here:

I had ordered a ramps 1.4   with the optical endstops.   The kit includes a 36″ 9 conductor, 26awg cable, pre-crimped w/ 1×2 0.10″ 5A connectors/housing for thermistor (x1)

The wiring color sequence that plugs into ramps 1.4 is Red Blue Green Black.   Ok… I checked continuity on the motor to the diagram and it seems to matches.

I want to isolate the wires. especially on the thermistor from any type of fatigue damage from the carriage going back and forth.   So..  I’m thinking I need a small board to connect the the ribbon cable I got from Ultimachine.   I tried googling to see if there was a board connection

Links for  wire gauge seem to be all over the place. here: and here:

This is the guide that seems the most handy.

Then I’ll need to deal with a cooling fan as well

So I finally got everything basically wired up…  I found some qd-bd thermistor values here:
So I suppose they need to be entered somewhere.  Ok… Googling I found this .
I think I have the settings  already…

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