Moving a top panel back to the top in ubuntu linux.

So I just spent about an hour trying to get my top panel back to the top.  Somehow I got a window underneath the top panel and I moved the top panel to the right.  Now the darn thing is that the top panel got stuck and I couldn’t move it back.  I think I got too much stuff crammed in there to grip hold of anything.

I found a very helpful link here:

I learned a few new things….
Alt-F2 will bring up a run-command.. (Seems like you could just open up a terminal to do the same thing, but I guess some people don’t like that)
To move the top panel from top to right
adjust “orientation” from “right” to “top”

On a side note…. If you want to blow a lot of time… This blog is rather entertained… Be forwarned it is not Rated-G:

Ok… Now after wasting a bunch of time…. Back to wxWidgets.

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