Moving beyond the tutorials in Code::blocks and wxformbuilder

Ok…. I got up real early on Sunday to play and my body needed to catch up on Monday morning, so I don’t have much time here before I need to get off to work.  Apologies in advance for bad grammar and spelling.
So I 00000000000000000000000000000000000000 (that was the cat). Everyone thinks they can blog 😉
Lets try this again.  I’m starting to get the feel for the IDE…  Code::builder isn’t too bad.  I like you can click on an error and go to the offending line of code.  Much nicer than using a text editor.

Also, I found the wxforumbuilder file is in the project list(under others) can be opened up by right clicking it and answer the appropriate option

Also, what I liked was that when you generated the code from Wxfb and went back to C::B, the IDE would automatically asked you if you would like to rebuild.

One more thing that I liked, wxfb has a new project wizard that will optionally create a basic wxfb for you with some functionality.

But…. not all is good here.

I’m under a time crunch here, so I can’t verify the appropriate techno babble but here goes:
Wxformbuilder store the form in a xml format and then generates a file in CPP with the base class[?] form.  You’re not supposed to mess with this form in anyway shape or form.
To get the widgets to do their thing, you create an object which inherits the form and through the use of virtual functions you give them their functionality.
Wxfb actually has a utility to generate the inherited class and gives you a fill in the blank spot for the functions.  Here comes the rub:
The generate inherited class utility doesn’t append it appears to overwrite… That really sucks..
Now to be fair, I need to research this a little bit further, to see if I’m not doing something correctly.

A couple of quick links of interest that I need to add to favorites:

Ok… really got to get going here.
Current pursuit is to take my c++ dummies book and to put a wxwidget front end on the terminal examples.   Current efforts are like trying to learn  walk again.  Currently I’m trying to get a text box to respond to a change event.  This is  something that is soo….. easy in vb6 because I’ve done it a thousand times before.  Since I’ve never done it in wx it’s well not so easy….. That’s why I practice..  Not such a big difference between playing the piano and programming. Good results require effort. (Unless you’re a Mozart( which I’m not)).

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