PC’s, Memories and Electronic Recycling day.

Ok… So we electronic recycling this weekend, and my wife has people coming over so there was a slightly accelerated urgency to get my computer graveyard moved into the van.   I guess in one way of me not being able to let go and partly out of privacy paranoia, I yanked the hard drives…
There was my original 8088 IBM Pc with a 10 meg drive.  I also had my Zenith 286 laptop that went with me to Germany….  My honking full height Gateway 486 that was my PC before we got married…  Ah… the days of Doom… This is very strange for me..  I don’t hold any sentimentality for any of the PC’s that are still in my stable…. but these somehow, I’m somewhat sad to see them go, but I have to say it is sort of nice to have the room.
It would be interesting so retrieve the data if posible off of the drives…

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