Research notes for Single stepping python code for in Qt-Creator for free-cad

Working through single stepping through the freecad in the qt-creator I hit some python scripts that would have been really handy to step into.    I thought I through the question out to the qt-creator  irc if it was possible to single step into python code from the qt-creator ide.   The impression that I got was that it’s been attempted but it’s never got working…
I now know there was a  code::blocks project that attempted this:

But apparently, there was some work with qt-creator as well.
Here’s the pertinent points from that conversation:
there’s a project (Python IDE) which can be used as a starting point:
you will need to embed libpython into your than you’ll be able to run stuff from that IDE (it’s written in Python)
it’s rather advanced, e.g. includes refactoring
as for debug stepping from C++ to Python and back, I have no idea how it should be implemented but I’m sure it’s possiblealso, there’s an abandoned effort here:

This link to gaming engines came up in the discussion as well. (Not really what I was interested in at the moment.. but might come in handy for some other projects.

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