Thoughts on the spindle drive on my lini-stepper sherline Emc2 mill project. To Kbic or not to Kbic

My progress on my little mill project has been slowed of late my distraction and indecision.
My tuning resistors came this week as well as some insulating board that I want to mount my stepper motors on.

At the moment, I’m sort of looking at my next steps for Spindle Drive..    I’ve been done preliminary research on this stuff and I guess the Sherline drives are controlled by a KBIC controller from Kb Electronics.  Speed can be controlled via a potentiometer or by controlling a voltage.

I found an interesting post here..

I guess a lot of people will take a pwm signal generated from there controller software and convert it to a voltage and plug it into their kbic.
The link up above claims that for the same price I could just go with PWM.
Since the mill came to me only with steppers and spindle drives, I wonder if getting a kbic is the best solution to me.    In the back of my mind is that steppers are a first step and servos would be a second.  I think I need to see what people are doing driving there sherline motors with non-kbic solutions.  A little more research is needed here.

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