Trying to get back to the cylindrical popup project but these bugs related to heekscad constraints keep taunting me

I’ve been playing around with the dimensional constraints and they’re pretty cool. The insidious thing is that there are a bunch of critters in the code that seems to be causing either segmentation faults or cause the constraints on the dimensions to somehow to be disassociated.

It seems that these bug[s] seem to occurring when object[s] are being moved. Segmentation faults seem to be occurring when I move something with a fixed point, or a dimensional length constraint. The frustrating part of all this, is that this is only occurring when my model gets sufficiently complex and I have a lot of work into it. These critters have been elusive in my attempt to isolate them in the simplest of models. In a more complex model, I’ve attempted to work around by disabling the constraint prior to moving the object. But… you sort of need to rely on the memory system since. These bugs are sufficiently irritating that they really should be irradiated.

On a side note, would be nice if heekscad provided a little more information on the constraint, currently all you get is ? constraint and nothing in the properties window. It’s hard to now what your dealing with.

Anyway.. I gonna try this one more time and see if I can avoid my little critters..

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