Working on the theme

The original networker-10 out of the box

OK,,, I’m really starting to diverge from the path here……. But this plain blue is just not me….
I found some interesting information on themes:…
I thinking I’m going to be sticking to stuff of the WordPress site instead of looking for third party sites for clever add-on until I get to a point when I feel comfortable with what I’m doing..
The wordpress site points into a how to video tutorial: (I’m not on one save wavelength so this didn’t work for me….)
But… I went to the WordPress download site.

The theme my wife helped me pick out this theme case networker-10 .  The irony of this is that I’ve visited the authors site….  Let’s see what I can’t do with this….
OK… I guess I should benchmark what this template originally looked like before I started modifying it.

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