Working through the wxWidgets Tutorial:: Widgets I: wxBitmapButton

Ok… I need to get this train moving again….
The is the sample code that threw me for a little loop..
I notice that Bitmap button doesn’t automatically resize… My first bitmap was rectangular in shape and than the others where square. I was messing a round a deleted the default file it was expecting… Everything else showed blank when a different file should have been displayed… When it hit the file it couldn’t find a message box was displayed… It didn’t crash which was good…

I left default mute.png intact renamed med.png so it wouldn’t be recognized see what happened. Thenon-crashing error message appeared and the prior image remained.
Ok… There’s another situation that’s occuring that I’m going to wrap my head around… C::B’s puts an executable in a folder Bin/Debug. This particular program loads up 4 png files… When I run from the IDE it looks to the source directory for the PNG files…. Yet another todo to figure out.

It seems sort of curious that the tutorial mentions that it’s possible the wxbitmapbutton to have three states:Selected, focused and displayed, but doesn’t and that you can have images for each… If I had more time I’d explore some more of that….

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