Zetcode , Code::Blocks,OCC and Caffeine

Ok,,,, Normally, when I head out to my mom’s I stay overnight and head back the next day.. But because of some family commitments I had to head back tonight…. For most of my life I’ve been a night owl, but for the last 6 months because of our child’s kindergarten, I routine what up 5-6am without an alarm…. Anyway I was worried about dozing off I drank a pot of coffee before the return trip…. So….. I would say I”m somewhat over caffeinated and tired at the moment. It’ll be interesting if this post makes any sense in the morning…
On another note… Apparently, the stormy night before Christmas that I got my mom to bring her to our house, apparently there was a family in her neighborhood that was involved in a fatal accident because of the weather… Makes you think about how much we take life for granted and how everything could radically change in an instant.

I was checking out my posts on the wxwidget forum and found someone interested in OCC. Go figure..
Anyway never did get to play with wxBitmap.. Caffeine is starting to wear off… Time for bed….

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