Back in business.

Well repairs are complete…. Warp engine is back on line…  (Hm… Was watching some trek with the kid tonight..)

On my insulation around the heater I wanted to make sure I had clearance for a socket head.  When I need to remove the Nozzle (which will happen sooner or later I didn’t want to get insulation particles all over the place.  Also, I might want to do the layout for the insulation before I assemble..  I probably could have avoided the slot.
I’m curious how my mods perform. I’m keeping a log of print times to see how it does. I estimated 20-30 hours last go around, but thats just swag.

Anyway.. A few pictures..    I had a couple of people ask me what the extruder looks like.. Theres a pick as well as the mount.

Printer Head on my punch die block

OneWaytwoSpotahole Printer Head on my punch die block


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