Figuring out how to generate a involute gear in Freecad

I’m thinking I’m going to have the printer running in a day or so… I got everything wired up I just need to assemble the extruder head.  One thing that I didn’t have was a small piece of ptfe to go over the thermistor. I had some thin stuff to go on the wires but..   I wound up wrapping the thermistor in kapton and then taping it down…

Anyway back to the topic at hand…  I’m thinking I want to print out something with a ring gear on it..  I did a little googling and apparently theirs a python script to do that for freecad called gear.pyHeres the link to the source
I searched and I have it installed already..
jonasthomas@jonasthomas-Satellite-P305D:~$ locate

So I’m a bit rusty on this

Ok.. I had some problems running this… When copied this into a folder I use for py scripts fired up eric4 and ran my little special script..
#this is a test routine to get run freecad entirely from the eric4 ide
import sys
# This is the standard location for the libraries in ubuntu.

#jonas thomas has his debug libraries here.

# jrheinlaender has his debug libary here.

import FreeCADGui
import Gear


And I pulled up this error

The debugged program raised the exception unhandled ImportError
“/home/jonasthomas/freecad/qtcreator-build/lib/ undefined symbol: _Z6aptrteidiPiP2R2iS1_RiRS1_S2_RS_S2_”
File: /home/jonasthomas/freecad/FreeCADPyCode/, Line: 6

Break here?

I found something here about this

Hmm.. It looks something with mesh… Soo I commented out the code like so…

import FreeCAD, FreeCADGui, Part, Draft, math
#, MeshPart, Mesh
from PyQt4 import QtGui,QtCore

And I appear to be in business:

testGearData testgearprint

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2 Responses to Figuring out how to generate a involute gear in Freecad

  1. Peter Holtermann says:

    Thanks, that saved my day. I never would have guessed the part with the Mesh dependency. Now I can start working on a replacement gear for my old Tamiya Sand Rover

  2. admin says:

    No problem, I’m glad it helped.
    By the way.. There is a lot of work being on on gearing in freeCAD.. I’m not sure if it’s made its way to a stable release yet… You can check out this thread for more details.

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