Compressing Digital photos and Metal shaper woes

I love these blogs of people who have these perfect projects where everything works perfectly…. Well this ain’t one of those blogs…..

I was mowing my lawn last Sunday with my recycled push-mower and a broke a roller bracket.  No problem… I’ll just make a new one..

So.. I find a piece of steel in the scrap box that’s about right and mount in my mill and start planning away..  This is just taking way longer turning cranks since the material appears to be hardened, so…. I figure, I have this darn shaper with the auto crossfeed, I might as well use it.  Fine… great idea. After all the name of this site is

So… I start machining with a bit I had from turning, which totally doesn’t have the right geometry.  It works but belt on the motor is slipping quite a bit.  The belt is really worn so, I get a new one.. Somewhere between a 4L270 and a 4L260…  I get the 4L270 and the thing is loose (but I still have adjustment).  I bring it back to my local Napa and get the 4L260 and the Belt to too tight (No adjustment)..  I figure the original was a 4L260 and it needed to work in a little… So.. I fire up the shaper and I goes a couple of strokes and the friking motor seizes… What the… Anyway, I think what happened is that the motor pulley moved and when is jambed against the housing.  At least that’s what I hope.

Anyway… I figured I thought it be nice to take a couple of pictures of the bracket and the work in progress on the shaper.  So… I’m having all these issues getting a picture uploaded, and now I need to reduce the resolution of my pictures cause they are just way too big….  I found a nice link on how to do that….

So… my quite time in the morning is all burned up with nothing to show.
Hopefully…. this is not the start of a bad day….

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