Messing around with openGl

My little one has been asking me make her a computer game and  some toys out of plastic…  Can’t be wood or metal… Needs to be plastic.

Hmmm. The computergame I think I can handle…. The toys out of plastic is on the todo list..

Wth the weather cooling off, someone being back in school, this has made it convenient again for me to be messing around on the computer….

Heekscad is still a little bit too much for me so, slowing down and going through OpenGl is a good thing.

I stumbled across a very good tutorial series on OpenGl at this site.

It’s actually quite interesting too me.  I’ve been taking it slow to minize brain overload and so far I’ve made why way into part 1 textures.  I’m making a little side trips going through the BMP file format in wikipedia. which is rather interesting in itself.  (Have you hugged you little endian today..)

I managed to get my graphics card really working a few weeks back so this has been fun for me.

I am really impressed by this tutorial…  When I become proficient at OpenCascade I wouldn’t mind doing something like this.

The plastic toy thing is really intriguing to me.   Originally I told my child that oh….we we need to injection mold a toy…. Images of building Vince Gingery Injection Modeling machine and complex machining of a mold came to mind….. Yuckk…. (Way too many irons on the fire for that)… But.. Yah figure I get this OpenGL game thing under my belt… Start doing the Heekscad thing….  What the hey…. Have my child design some toys using solid modeling… Port it out to and STL file and do some rapid prototyping….

There’s actually an open source Rapid Prototyping project.  Man…. there is just way too much interesting stuff out there….. Darn…. I’m going to need to get the rest of the Linistepper drivers build up that are collecting dust…. Hmmm.. I wonder if six year old can solder?  (Just kidding…. )

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