Doing a re-think on this tinywebdb, going with fusion tables instead

So I spent a bunch of time(more than I would have like) on getting a tinywebdb service running locally on my machine.. What was appealing to me was that data structure as tinydb so thought I could copy the data over from the web to tinydb so I could run hexy without a web connection…

I thought initially that I could get the pomoco pipe into this and all would be well. Well I did a fair amount of googling an nothing is really jumping out at on how to do that.. I’m thinking that time it would take for me to figure this out isn’t worth it to me at moment. Ai2 is worth pursuing, it’s just a lots of irons in the fire, balls in the airs…ehmmm.

So… Basically I need a way to get hacked pomoco data into a tinydb. In my googling I ran a across fusion tables (first I ever heard of these things) You can import data into them from a CSV and perform sql like operations on them.

New/Revised goals:

  • Import existing data into csv.
  • Import csv to google fusion file.
  • Read fusion table int AI2 (for eventual import into tinydb.)
  • I’m thinking the pain factor should be pretty low on this.
    Lets.. csv
    To get the fusion API key you need to go file about in google drive…
    But first you need to enabl the api key for fusion tables.

    Ok.. I might as well work through the pizza party, it’s sort of fun. Although I didn’t get the web displays to word properly.. P

    Here’s the sql reference to fusion tables:

    Here’s an interesting application of a insertion query from the pizza party.

    Ok..Back to the fusion table table here’s what it looks like..

    I have a main form that will fire moves that are stored in a tinydb. I want have a separate screen that will query the fusion table and see if there’s something that could be added to the tinydb handle that within the form. (That’s a few steps again, but at the moment, I just want to pull something out of the fusion table..

    And pull something out of the fusion table I have..

    This works but the results are a bit ugly.. When I’m looking at the data there are “(“‘s and “)”‘s wrapping it along with a couple of blanks. But hey… I’m qualifying that as a goal met..

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