Last Day of Vacation and next goal for the Hexy Ai2 project

Well, this isthe last day of vacation. ;( Well actually composition of post has bled into the first. second day of work My daughters school got cancelled (again) today since it’s currently -15.5F. -3.6F [Not so] Chilly.. I’ll be heading into work when the wife gets back home. (wed’s is going to be a very very rough day for me)
So till next December I’m going to be a bit more time constrained.

So here’s where things are at: It got the fusion table to download into a tinydb. One thing that I need to take into account is that there is only one tinydb per application and there is no is data in the tinydb. If I’m understanding this correctly there is no method that says the tinydb empty. The post that I’ve found said that most people test to see if a initialization value exists. I was using the tag as the move names thinking that I could have mulitiple db’s. So if I’m going to be storing stuff other than moves in the shared tiny_db we need be able to differentiate the moves from other data.

Ok.. No biggie… So What I need to do is to:

  • Create a initialization tag and test routines.
  • Add a move prefix to the tag.
  • Display individual moves in a label.
  • Add a display for individual steps and implement a single step mode for moves.
  • Just a side note.. I ran across this link for new feature for AI2 this is interesting reading.

    I’ve run into a snag on the passing get start value from one form to another…. This is very very strange to me since it looks like it should work…. So I think this merits a seperate post.

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