Even more 3d printer stuff.

So.. One of the things I’m observing is that first layer seems to be some what critical… Too thick and too close it causes the nozzle to scrap on subsequent layers and I got a motor skip…
Too far, you get squiggly lines and suspect that adhesion isn’t too good.  On my motor mount prints, I left them over night on the print table but I was getting some crazy adhesion… That’s the one where I had a lot of scraping…   I had double faced tape holding my glass table down to the y-axis support.   I wound up pulling that apart try to get it off the table…

So I’m heading past my sister these weekend and I told her that I  print her a paper crimper. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17634   I thought I had my height calibration dialed in from the night before and I wound up scraping..  So one of two things I think happened.  Things moved a bit from when I tried getting my last print or I’m getting some drift on my z-axis optical endstop..
So I readjusted to one paper thickness and tried a few prints..  I had that scrap issue on the first layers and a skip..  When I went to .15 on first layer thickness everything seemed to work ok..

Hmm either calibration block next (same color.. or gears… )  Running out of time… I guess it’s time to switch over to green.  It does seem like 210 is a little hot for my green… I’m back down to 200..

Hmm… Out of time… Results disappointing.   Had to make some metal pins..

2013-07-26-114936 2013-07-26-125814 2013-07-26-143014

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