Fun time getting spread thin. Feeling conflicted.

I’ve been finding myself getting squeezed for time lately.   I’ve moved up in the world and went from 2000 to XP at work.   I’ve had orders of magnitudes of performance improvement in the data mining kind of stuff I do, only to find that the scroll button on my mouse apparently won’t work in XP unless I install some patches into my VB6 code@#%.  I really like programming in VB6 mostly because I know it very well.  It’s very comforting  thinking in terms of what you want accomplish versus getting distracted by thinking about how to do it.
So… here I am conflicted.  Needing to learning some more up date language for work in a Microsoft environment and yet being called by the sultry sirens of Linux in my free fun time.  What to do…… Cross platform programming of course.
In the meantime, my teaching myself opencascade project is proceding not as fast as I would like.  I haven’t programmed enough in C++ to really make hay on this.  I have spent a huge amount of time on this project and I know I’ve progressed in my knowlege of Linux, C++, but realistically I’m still at the gates with opencascade.  If feel that if I really want to have fun with Opencascade, I need get more comfortable with C++ with practice.

To that end, I checked out a book “C++ Timesaving Techniques for Dummies” by Matthey Teiles from my local library and downloaded the source from the site.  I tried to just read the book, but frankly I just kept falling asleep when I was browsing it in the evening.  (To be fair, I used to be a night owl but morning kindergarten has changed all that.. I’m usually snoring by 10pm) .  I digress… There are seventy sample projects that, I think it would be good practice to rip through this code with book in hand…  So…. I think I’m going to make that my front burner project.

Now unto my work issues.. I created at thread on ubuntuforums titled Cross Platform Rad Tools

I’ve gotten a lot of interesting feedback and have alot to think about…..
Now…. I spent more time surfing… than looking at code…. Need more action less contemplation… More later…

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