Working through code and things to avoid.

I’ve been starting to work my way through C++ Timesaving Techniques for Dummies.
I’m a little reluctant to post publically out of respect of copyright.
I’m digesting Technique 2 Using Abrstraction to Extend Functionality and I start getting compiler warnings and the program crashes…
He’s using some C library functions that are allowed but not recommended.
To be fair, he’s trying to keep the code simple to demonstrate abstraction and virtual functions.  The issue appears with the gets command in Linux and g++
Regardless I learned something new insofar as to what not to do…..  It just makes me uneasy studying code that is considered bad practice in C++ while trying to learn C++
I ran across this link that I found interesting.
Things to Avoid in C/C++ — gets() , Part 1

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