Installing gnu C++ compiler in Ubuntu Linux for Open Cascade OCC

Spring has just about sprung…. Got home tonight and worked a little on the back yard with the family….. While dumping out the thawed compost in the garden, and moving the compost bin, I was thinking…. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a small rotary composter, powered by a little direct drive wind turbine with a huge honking reduction 1000:1 or something. Boss lady tells me, I got to get the rocks moved first 🙁
Years ago. I was an Application Engineer for gearbox company who worked on a project on a gear reduction unite for a converted cement kiln used on a Rotary Digester. My understanding was the technology was pioneered by some german brewmaster and the thing was going to used in Dolly Parton’s Dollywood. Don’t know if Dolly still has her digester but here’s so info on the topic: Rotary Digesters.
Ok.. one more comment on Rotary kilns and we’re going back on topic. The gear boxes that drive these things typically have huge reductions, because the rotating drum rotates heavy loads very slowly. The thing to watch out for is if there is a imbalance that causes the drive to be back driven. Typically these drives (if I remember correctly) have to laid out with some type of centrifugal brake that keeps the motor from over speeding and blowing up…
Anyway back to install the GNU C++ compiler. In my last post, I talked about the synaptic package manager for installing games. So if you have no idea what I’m talking about, go back a couple of days in my blog posts.
When I first searched Synaptic, nothing came up when I searched for C++. It took me a while figure out the trick is you need to search for G++ not C++. I suppose this sense to someone somewhere. You’ll notice that there a bunch of versions of the compiler. Rather than just picking the latest version, I thought I do a little research here:
Open cascade system requirements
Oh great… looks like none gcc versions match Synaptic (if I’m reading this correctly).
Time to do a little more research here. This looks promising:
Installing Opencascade on Debian Linux This link points to:
Compilation on Fedora Core 5.0 (Not sure about version but this looks critical to fix system once OCC installed.

Ok… This looks promising. There’s a MIT guy named Adam Powell who seems to have his game on… Some links to investigate:

OpenCASCADE .deb package: call for testing!
OpenCASCADE .deb packages
Ok…. No compiler install tonight… Time for bed.

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