Getting my games back.

Hm.. I mulling over the latest American Idol results.

I’m not suprised that Chikeze got the boot. I was suprised that Syesha was in the bottom 3. Technique was superb (according to my wife whose studied voice).. Gut feel Kristy is next.

Anyway trying to stick to the original outline of what I’m trying to accomplish. Ubuntu provides a utility to add/remove programs know as the Synaptic Package Manager. To fire up the application select System=>Administration=>Synaptic Package Manager . You’ll be prompted for your password. If this is the first time you fire it up you’ll get a little intro. I’m interested in loading up a game called maelstrom

So… I click the search, enter maelstrom. Click on the box to the left of maelstrom, select “Mark for Installation”, then Mark. Then click the checkbox that’s called apply and then click apply again. (If something doesn’t work here make sure your connected (see yesterdays post).

Select Application=>Games=>Maelstrom if your in the mood to destroy some Asteroids.

Next step loading up the gnu C++ compiler.

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