Installing Ubuntu Linux

Ok…. I’m am not an expert in this stuff, although I’m getting better every day. When I first got started on this Ubuntu kick, a friend at work showed me a 10 ten list written by a Linux geek on why he liked Linux. The one that stuck in my mind was that you’re able to surf the net and install Linux on the same PC simultaneously. Maybe I’m weird, but I just think that’s just plain cool. It does work since I’m doing this while I’m typing this.

I started out slowly and I got myself a book out of the library called “Ubuntu for the Non Geek” by Rickford Grant. (I suppose If I really had my game on here I’d have a Amazon link for you to purchase this book and have me make commission… (All in good time Mike)). I followed the book step by step and I gave me a good overview of what you can do with Ubuntu without getting into too much techobabble.

The version of the book, had the Feisty Fawn Ubuntu 7.04 install disk included (although a friend with broadband burned me an install disk with Gutsy Gibbon which I’ve been currently using. Feisty Fawn had install issues but Gusty just fired up(on my machine anyway.)

I’m not going to get into too deep a discussion on how to install the operating system, but I just cover the basics.

  • Stick install boot disk in computer.
  • Reboot.
  • Select option 1) Start or install.
  • Connect to the net (see below)
    Yesterday night while I was watching American Idol (go David Cook), I tried to reloading the operation system without connecting to the net and I got some weird security messages that I never got before. (So I’m trying this again) I think the install disk most phone home or something…
    You’ll notice a computer monitor icon (header to the right). Assuming your running running a wired connection to a router, just click wired network and you should be able to connect to net by clicking on the Firefox Icon. If you’re totally new to Ubuntu, this might take you a little while to figure. Well it did me anyway..
  • Click the “install” icon (it looks like a CD rom player in the upper left corner of the desktop.

Here goes…. I guess I should save this before I keep going.

Your going to get a bunch of time zone, keyboard questions… Answer as appropriate…. The next major question you’ll need to deal with is partitioning the hard drive. (For myself, I have a bunch of Pcs hooked up to a KVM switch, which eliminated the need for a dual boot system) So…. what worked for me, I manually slide the partition size to 100%(I’m not sure I had to do that) and then Guided use entire disk.

After that you’ll get the “who are you” screen… Fill it in along with your passwords. Proceed with install. (make sure you remember your password, you tend to use it alot in Ubuntu)

Ok…. this is going to take a while…. Need to my library website and try to renew my Ubuntu for the Non-geek book… again… Darn…. Apparently I can’t renew it 4 times…Time for a quick trip to the library. Hopefully can get this done, before American Idol results starts…

2008-03-30 After you get the operating system loaded you probably will want to check for updates.  From the upper panel select System ▸ Administration ▸ Update Manager and press Check.
You can control the frequency of updates via: System ▸ Administration ▸ Software Sources, and then Internet Updates.

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