Next Steps in PolylineArc

Ok.. Well it seems that there are still a few things that need to be done before this PolylineArc code is ready for the “big” time.
So I thought I break them down into smaller little projects that we nibble away at them.  (I’m a little tired at the moment, so I hope this makes sense when I read this in the morning.

Next things needing to get done the A List:

  • Need a isPerpendicular to get implemented next to the isTangent
  • Need to add a third toggle when the “A” is clicked, Line, Tangent Line, and Perpendicular line.
  • Need to  implement transition from previous curves (see todo) (need to study getCoincidentPoints ??)

The B list.

  • Figure out a way to temporarily suppress an autocontraint
  • Force a constraint while in polyline.
  • Implement a perpendicular autoconstraint.


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