polylineArc refactored into sketcher

Well,  logari81 has got a hold of my polylinearc branch and heavily refactored the code.  Wow, I think he was a Viking Berserker in a past life.  Not much of the orginal polylineArc left.  But it is definately much more concise code.  Functionality is about the same at this point.  One major difference is that arc is enabled and disabled by clicking the “a” rather than clicking and holding the “a”.

I pushed it up to https://github.com/JonasThomas/free-cad/tree/sketcher

In the original polylineArc, I had disabled the autocontraints because they where causing some weird assertion errors.  I was really impressed by logari81  refactoring, although in the midst of me playing.  I did get manage to get assertion to kick in in line 1817 ViewProviderSketch::draw(bool)












OK.. Took me a few minutes to figure out what was caused the assertion error and figure out how to replicate it.

I was in line mode generating a horizontal auto constraint.  I then clicked on “a” which flipped from line to arc mode, but the horizontal  autoconstraint was still active which threw the assertion.

Little late for me to fix this critter..



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