(Part 3)Exploring zetcode wxwidget tutorial on Layout Management:

I think I’ve been lingering in this section for a little too long. The next section of this tutorial deals with wxGridSizer.   Not that I’m not enjoying this tutorial.  It’s just I want to get through it and start coding…

Ok.. Lets see, points about wxGridsizer..   Rows and columns are all the same size.  If you need variable column, row with use flexgrid.
Constructor looks like this:

wxGridSizer(int rows, int cols, int vgap, int hgap)

This sample is the front end for a calculator.

I must be starting to learn this stuff. Nothing is really jumping out at me as new

Actually, the next widget in the tutorial is starting to get interesting to me. Its the Wxflexgrid control.
In Vb6 the hierarchical flexgrid control in my tool of choice… I wonder what type of functionality this thing has…
For now, I’m just doing through the tutorial for basic functionality…

Pretty routine stuff… I know that there will be some pearls of wisdom that I glossed over but I really want to move this along here… because events is next…..

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