Vb6 Gui Programmer at heart working towards cross platform: Wxwidgets

Ok… So I manage to get to Technique 2 in Matthew Telles’s C++ Timesaving Techniques for Dummies.
My Linux GNU compiler is yapping about this and that, sending out warnings about the “gets” that are in the source… (Some details about that in yesterdays post).
Anyway… the author kept the code very simple to demonstrate his points.  The section of code that’s having issues, wants you to provide the file path and name to a text file.  I know this is just an exercise, but darn, this is kind of coding is what I used to do in my dos days with quick basic…  Forget that…….
That’s gets me thinking about my beloved vb6 common dialog command control, where, I can browse and click on what I want.  I’m can almost guarantee that I will never code anything entering a filename and path from a command line.  Yechhhhh.

From discussions I’ve on the Ubuntuforums, in regards to my desire for cross platform programming, it seems like wxWidgets is the tool I’m looking for.  I did a little searching and I think what I’m looking for is something called wxfile or something like that. So…. I took the plunge and downloaded wxWidgets off of synaptic..   I fired up the IDE for the first time, and it feels familiar…   Alright….  So that’s where I’m at.  I’m going to play with this for a while and see if I can build some massive overkill into a very simple example.  Maybe I’m weird, but to me, this is fun.  Ok… I’m just weird.

First step work through the tutorial at http://wiki.wxformbuilder.org/Tutorials/UsingWxFormBuilder

Next step is to load up an IDE.  I chose, code::Blocks IDE.  I had a bunch of issues installing this, but ubuntuforums had the cure..

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