Working through the Gtk+ Tutorial. First Programs.

I’m going to need to start setting about a page of useful reference Links.
The tutorial links to a forum sight…
I’m trying to stay on target and get a handle on this Gtk+ stuff..

Lets see Introduction.
Discusses pkg-config.   Hmmm.  Interesting stuff there in the man pages about that.
If I understand this correctly it looks up a metadata file (which has a .pc extension) which is named after a particular library.   Ok.. Just tried “locate pkgconfig” in terminal to pull up a list…
This is a little snippet from the man pages:
” pkg-config retrieves information about packages from  special  metadata
files. These files are named after the package, with the extension .pc.
By default, pkg-config looks in the directory prefix/lib/pkgconfig  for
these  files;  it  will  also  look in the colon-separated (on Windows,
semicolon-separated) list of  directories  specified  by  the  PKG_CON‐
FIG_PATH environment variable.”
Below is the contents of ” /usr/lib/pkgconfig/gtk+-2.0.pc”:



Name: GTK+
Description: GIMP Tool Kit (${target} target)
Version: 2.12.9
Requires: gdk-${target}-2.0 atk cairo
Libs: -L${libdir} -lgtk-${target}-2.0
Cflags: -I${includedir}/gtk-2.0

This is not what I expected…. I thought it was going to be far more primitive….. Anyway..onwards.

First Programs

Now… if you’ve followed my blog… My Linux experiences have been…. how should I say… somewhat painful…. First example here… fired right up…. I guess this is what you expect since Gtk+ is a integral part of Ubuntu….
I did a quick search on the net to see if I could find some reference documentation on some of these commands that are being used.
Here is a link:

Worked through one chapter in one sitting… Not too bad

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