Looking for Gtk+ Tutorial..

Ok.. So the goal at the moment is to play around with Gtk+ enough to the point where I can get the Opencascade makebottle demo to load.  The documentation on what to do, if you’ve never done it before is somewhat lacking.  My suspicion is once I figure it out it will be obvious…

Anyway I found a link to some tutorial information on GTK+.
The one that caught my eye was GTK+ 2.x Tutorial for Beginners.

But first I’m visiting the FAQ.

I ran across a book teach yourself Gtk+ in 21 days…. Ughhhhhh I was hoping this was going to be a quicky…
Hmm… according to the FAQ, most people who use Gtk+ use something called Glade and there are two ways to do it.
Backing up one step, wikipedia defines glade as:”

Places in the United States

[edit] Other uses

Now, I am embarressed that I did not about Glade being an open area in woodland..
I wonder what the etymology of the word is. Well… Lets see: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=glade  So…. probably going back to middle english or old Norse…meaning bright.
Gotta love dem Vikings… Arrg..
But… I guess we’re interested in the Glade Interface Designer,
So… there was glade1, glade2… and now glade3.. which was a a total rewrite…
Saw something about GladeXML where you can fire up Glade using an XML file.

At the bottom for the Wiki was Glade Example Applications. In that link, this caught my eye to check out later: BoardGame Tool
a boardgame utility with a C++ front-end built with Glade and
a Python back-end.

The link that that first caught my eye. GTK+ 2.x Tutorial for Beginners. seems to be the one to check out. It’a step by step that is at my speed…. Should be good.

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